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It's understandable why many health professionals rarely have the opportunity to research or offer aesthetics services to their patients. Like many of today's more progressive therapies, these services often come with stigmas attached relating to their effectiveness, cost and other factors. The simple fact, however, is that your patients are using them. And it's worth noting that they're using them to improve something about their physical or psychological wellbeing.  If you're in a positon to offer these services, why send them running all over town from provider to provider?

Whether it's advanced hair removal systems, skin care management, or any of the many other aesthetic health services being offered today, keeping them in-house is a sound way to improve revenue while better serving the complete wellness needs of your patients.

Call Twin Wellness today to learn about the various aesthetic health services that you can offer to your patients, with little investment required in terms of capital, training or hiring.

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