Private Label Dietary Supplements

Ask any healthcare professional who sells private label supplements… they'll be the first to tell you what a significant impact they can have on both patient and practice, alike.  Aside from offering your patients a safe, effective way to complement your medical expertise, selling your own brand of dietary supplements is an ideal way to brand and differentiate your practice, while opening up entirely new revenue possibilities.

At Twin Wellness, we're experts when it comes to private label supplements, and will walk you through the entire process; from formula selection and labeling, to product placement and multi-supplement nutrition programs.

  • A well-established way to increase profits, brand identity and patient loyalty
  • Hundreds of clinic-specific products available to address key health concerns
  • Customize your own line of dietary supplements with either stock or custom labels
  • Low minimums available for beta-testing product demand and user feedback
  • Includes weight loss, joint health, mental/cognitive support, and many more!
  • Products manufactured by cGMP-certified facilities with strict Quality Control

Let Twin Wellness Help You Sell Your Own Line of Supplements

Offering your own brand of private label nutritional products is only complicated to those who are new at it.  Over the past 20 years, our team has worked with scores of physicians, chiropractors, stress management and pain specialists in developing and selling their own brand of dietary supplements.  Call Twin Wellness today to learn how easy, profitable and mutually-rewarding the process can be.

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